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Peekseeq is a new way for musicians to find sounds and create music.

Our mission is to help you convert musical inspiration into reality as quickly as possible.

Use Your Ears

Tired of text descriptions when looking for sounds? With Peekseeq you can hear and audition all the sounds in our library, free of charge.

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Browse Sounds Quickly

Compare and listen to sounds side-by-side using your arrow keys. Peekseeq makes discovering new sounds easy by letting you make music while you shop.

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Wave Goodbye to Bundles

We don't sell Bundles. Bundles limit creativity and come with unnecessary content. Our sounds are sold individually and help support fellow musicians.

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Build Your Own Patterns

Our integrated sequencer allows you to mix and match up to 24 different sounds at once. Easily download sounds and patterns to use with your DAW, or share your beats with the Peekseeq community.

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Host Your Sounds

Upload any original sounds that you’ve created, earn money, and expand your fanbase in a new way.

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